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tv   WRAL News Saturday  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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right now on wral we could see a second round of winter weather this season. thank you for joining us. i'm kathryn brown. aimee wilmoth is monitoringthe chance for some possible snow in the forecast. yes. we could see some tomorrow. we system all week long. it will not be a big deal. this is the one that is headed our way back to the south and west of us right now. it will continue to move to the north and east overnight tonight. we have a cold front moving through right now. that will provide some cooler air. with this arrives it will be cooler but it was warm today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for highs which helped warm up the ground. ground temperatures are anywhere between 49 and 54 degrees. too warm to support any type of accumulation on the roadways. look at 8 am tomorrow. at 10 a clock in the morning some of that snow will try to make its way into raleigh.
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11:00. then we start to see this move out of here after the lunch hour. we could have a minor accumulation on grassy areas. we will talk about that in the arctic cold front on the way. we are gathering information about it deadly paris attacks him. it happened at the triangle north executive airport in franklin county earlier today. candace sweat is in franklin county life. >> reporter: we've learned the man who died in this accident was identified as james a stromal. we spoke to the owner of a triangle skydiving cental. he said the morning started off normal. he spoke to the victim before he went up today. he never thought the day would end like this. he told us stromal went up at 1230 today with others. he said it was his second or third jump of the day. he was setting up to land when something went wrong.
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and an excellent despite ever. he had completed more than 1800 skydiving over the past five years. he said when he spoke with the victim today before he went up, he was in a good mood and was looking forward to doing what he loved. 's two his whole life was skydiving. this is what he did. he just got out of the marine corps a little over a year ago. he was planning to travel and to sky dive all over the world. >> reporter: he said they've looked at the gear the victim was using. they will turned that over to the faa. right now he cannot say exactly what went wrong. he did say that the victims family is on their way to north carolina from houston texas. i asked him if there is any distress signal or anything that can be done when the skydiver is in distress. he said that the victim was at such a low altitude at that point there was really nothing
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>> you need to wonder what went wrong there. candace sweat live in franklin county. the international atomic energy agency said iran has met its obligationsunder a deal reached last year. iran agreed with six world powers to curb nuclear activities in exchange for lifting of international sanctions. president obama has already signed executive orders lifting economic sanctions on iraq. that would allow iran to immediately recoup $100 billion in assets frozen overseas and benefit from new oil trade and financial opportunities. confederate flag's gathered at the state capital today but we're told they could not demonstrate on capital grounds. they came for a ceremony honoring the confederate general, robert e. lee. as bryan mims shows us, they brought with them a message that went beyond the flight. >> reporter: their number was
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were big and their sentiments ripped lord. don't tread on me, proclaims of the flight. >> we are here to exercise our right to give knowledge to the rest of it north carolina. the rest of americans that our rights are being taken away from us. >> reporter: this young man says their reception at the capital flies in the face of the constitution picks in our right to assemble. 13th amendment of the constitution says we have the right to assemble to support a common cause. >> reporter: capital please the flag flyers on the edge of capital property. he could not bring their flags inside. a birthday celebration for confederate general, robert e. lee hosted by the sons of confederate veterans. >> the reason i am here is because i love this country. and what's being said in the press is total lies about the flight. >> reporter: the confederate flags outside the capital and the general lee ceremony inside might appear discordant with a weekend of events honoring
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the keynote speaker for lisa service was african-american archivist for the daughters of the confederacy. >> he is as important as martin luther king. why can't we honor book. >> reporter: as for why they are confined to the sidewalk, capital police told me it's a permitting issue. any group that wants to demonstrate on capital grounds must get a permit first. these demonstrators did not get a permit. they stayed peaceful and people past of them mostly in peace. >> it doesn't bother me at all. i encourage people to stay happy and hummel. we all love each other. >> reporter: no matter how diversion the sentiments of the people might be. bryan mims, wral , raleigh. the demonstrators had also planned to visit oakwood cemetery where graves of civil war officers recently vandalized but were told to wait until repairs have been made. police are investigating a suspicious death in fayetteville tonight. a body was found at the new life mission on maloney avenue. the victim is described as a man hit in his 60s.
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a cause of death however they are calling it suspicious. anyone with information about this is asked to call the fate built -- fayetteville police department. two men in custody and police are searching for a third suspect wanted for armed robberies at the same store. police arrested osman calderon- juarez and jose cartenga-juarez. police are searching for a third suspect, michael maldonado-madrid. police said the men were armed and robbed the morehead mini rt twice in the past two months. they took cash, lottery tickets and the phone. start a funeral service held today for a mother and daughter who were victims of a double murder suicide near apex. investigators say lemuel miller shot and killed melissa mitchell mclain and her 17-year- old daughter, ashley, last saturday. miller then killed himself. funeral services were held at all chapel baptist church in apex. start speed is being blamed for a crash that killed two and
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cumberland county. chippers tell us the driver lost control around 1 am and struck a tree. that is north of spring lake. a man and woman in her 20s were killed and another man was taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. troopers say the suspect alcohol may be a factor. the pharmacy at cape fear valley medical center is expanding its hours to the weekend. starting today the pharmacy will be open seven days a week. on weekends if it will be open 7 am through 4 pm. the weekday hours will remain the same. struck the catholic diocese of raleigh held its sixth annual love my life youth rally this morning. the team was, be the trigger. one 1000 kids and young adults poured into the event. bishop burbidge was the principal celebrants. >> to me, it's incredible. on a beautiful day like today when young people have so many options and things they could
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i think it's a wonderful sign and it's a wonderful witness and i'm so proud of our young people. >> hundreds of those young people took part in a rally that was followed by the north carolina right to life of march. survivors speak out about the deadly attack at a west african hotel. they describe the moments when gunmen linked with al qaeda killed within 20 people and took dozens hostage. for americans detained in iran are now free. the latest in their release and
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in exchange. iran has agreed to release for detained americans in exchange or seven iranians held or charged in the united states. the four americans are washington post reporter, jason rezaian, former u.s. marines, amir hekmati, pastor saeed abidini and nosratollah khosravi. they will fly from iran to switzerland on a swiss plane and be taken to a u.s. military base in germany for medical treatment. some republicans and democrats are welcoming the deal, worker rubio says americans should never have been captured in the first place. >>f course we're happy for them and their families but they should have never been there. the fact of the matter is this tells us what we need to know about the iranian regime. they take people hostage in order to gain concessions. >> a fifth american was also
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in return the u.s. will either pardon or drop charges against seven iranians accused or convicted of violating u.s. sanctions. the u.s. will also drop interpol arrest warrants on a handful of iranian fugitives. we are learning about a terror attack on a popular gathering spot in the west african nation of burkina faso. 28 are dead in more than 120 hostages have been freed. survivors say al qaeda fighters fired at that dish them as they tried to run away. some survivors hid for hours on the roof or in the restaurant bathroom to stay alive. before attackers were killed by security forces. volunteers spread out across the southeast in raleigh today, testing and installing 200 smoke alarms. they focused on neighborhoods near oakwood avenue., hill street, north tarboro road employer street. according to the national association of fire investigators, 60% of all home fire fatalities occur in homes that do not have a functional
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coming up in sports, unc looks to stay undefeated in the acc as they take on nc state. plus we will show you a diverse group of congregations and how they are getting together this weekend for a good cause. everyone is asking the question, will we see snow tamara? meteorologist aimee wilmoth
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baptist churches came today to buildo save in affordable homes. about 20 diverse congregations are providing funding and volunteers to help build to habitat for humanity homes in a community in east raleigh. it is an event to bring historically black and white churches together. organizers say it is exciting. >> it's just exciting today to have these associations united together. building these homes for these families. what a great weekend to start building these homes. >> it promotes unity. we feel good about each other. and each other's cultures when we come together. and work for a common good. >> the future homeowners also working alongside volunteers. [ music playing ] this hit a fayetteville marked the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior with a parade. festivities kicked off at noon from the coupling county courthouse.
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the street to the amtrak train station. you can see this blue skies change from yesterday. pretty outside today. temperatures were nice. in the 60s and 50s out there. it was very pleasant.'s warm temperatures will ke the snow we could have tomorrow from sticking to area roadways. let's look at temperatures right now. very comfortable outside. 56 degrees in irwin. 55 in fayetteville. 52 in raleigh and 50 in roxboro. here is a look from our sky cam. very quiet. we do not anticipate any precipitation until tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy at the airport. we have an increase in cloud cover late this afternoon and this evening. 52 out at rdu with a west to southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. dew points are at the for those in the 40s. humidity at 71%. quiet weather today. lots of blue sky. warmer temperatures. a very nice day.
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in the weekend. we have a few things we are watching. this cold front will move through within the next few hours. that will bring colder temperatures for sunday. tomorrow it will not be as mild as it was today. the second system we're watching is what we have been watching up all week long. an upper-level system that will move in from the south and west. able interact with this colder air that will be in place. we could see some rain possibly changing over to snow. this could be tomorrow morning into the first part of tomorrow afternoon. after that system moves through we will have an arctic a cold front. this moves in tomorrow night and brings a much colder air as we start the work week. let's focus on tomorrow morning. it will be an event for some of you. it will be very fun to watch tomorrow morning. we could have snow flying in the northwestern counties. overnight tonight it will be dry. this is 7 am tomorrow. temperatures, everyone is above freezing. ground the temperatures are
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right now they are between 49 and 54 degrees. notice some snow in some of our communities north and west of raleigh. some light rain starting to fall across the raleigh area and points to the south and east around 7 am tomorrow. by 9 am, notice temperatures are above freezing. we're not looking at a big issue on the roads. the air temperature will be above freezing as well. we could have some snow in the north and west of raleigh at this point. some of that is trying to make its way into wake county. by noon, temperatures are still above freezing. the rain is starting to make its way out of the area. things will quiet down in the afternoon. something to keep in mind, even though the roads are too warm to have any accumulation, perhaps some elevated services like bridges and grassy services could see minor accumulations tomorrow morning.
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tomorrow morning. wake up at 7:00 with us and let us know if you are seeing snow in your area is sending us pictures. 47 degrees this evening if you're handed out tonight. tomorrow is when we will see you rain and possibly snow in the morning. temperatures in the middle 30s. mainly cloudy with rain ending in the eastern counties by noon with temperatures in the upper 30s. highs tomorrow will be in the 40s. much cooler tomorrow as we wrap up the weekend. monday is called. 26 for the low and 37 for the high. tuesday will likely be the coldest day of the week thanks to the cold front moves in tomorrow night. the forecast is low 18. that is about the record of 2. look at the windchill at will be very cold on tuesday with a high of only 34. we warm up a little bit heading into next weekend but we stay below normal in the 40s. another system could bring rain mixed with snow friday night
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>> you think the main highways will be okay? >> i do not think there will be a problem. it will mainly be grassy surfaces. mandy mitchell is up now with sports. i know unc's undefeated. >> undefeated in conference. we need to be specific >> sorry, my mind has not caught up. >> they did have something to prepare next we had team coverage from the smith center as unc beats nc state and duke when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs. whether it's keeping up with loved ones or keeping up with the latest trends... at&t u-verse high speed internet lets you get the fast and affordable internet that's right for you. get high speed internet-just $15 dollars a month for 12 months with other qualifying service and a one-year term. all on one bill! no matter what you use it for, you'll get fast speed at an affordable price. connect all your wi-fi enabled devices at home with high speed internet... and save on smartphone and tablet data usage. just $15 dollars a month lets you watch online videos, video-chat and play games...
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